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The Operating Philosophy

XIMIT believes in "Leadership based on Trust". It is the progenitor of the Xavier’s Foundation’s educational initiatives and is known as the "Entrepreneurial Incubator" in the academic sector of this N. E. Region. Our institutionalized, consistent model to "Catch them young & set their minds on fire", has made us extremely successful in all our ventures, thereby creating competent human resources and enabling the students to face and overcome all odds in real life. XIMIT believes that ideas stem out of expertise - and expertise is the outcome of talent and experimentation which has led to tremendous growth for all. XIMIT, while Bringing out the Best in You banks on the philosophy:

What Gets Measured Gets Reviewed,

And What Gets Reviewed Gets Improved.

….And Improvement is Not a Straight Line


The Objectives

With the increasing liberalisation and globalisation of the Indian economy, Indian business and industry are expanding rapidly. Today, India is playing a vital role in international business and trade. The increasing foreign investment and setting up of more and more multinationals are leading to new career opportunities for which the typical university degree is no longer sufficient. There is a need for more professionally oriented educational programmes after the graduation level and in certain times after plus-two levels itself. XIMIT will fulfill the requirements particularly of the North Eastern students since very few such institutions are running in this region. Precisely, the objectives of the institute are:

a.     To develop competent and knowledgeable management and technical workforce capable to compete and succeed in an increasing dynamic global community by imparting educational training in various fields of professional management.

b.     To contribute for reducing the menace of brain-drain or domestic inter-regional out-migration of students of the northeastern region by way of providing high quality educational training in various fields of professional management/technology in their own place without leaving for another region.

c.     To work as solution provider of the corporate sector so far as the training (managerial/technical/skill), monitoring, evaluation and other services are concerned.

d.     To assist industries / corporate houses and other organizations (private / public / government) in solving their problems and improving their functioning not only by providing Executive Development Programmes but also by providing consultancy support .

e.     To enhance the capacities of the organisations including the CBOs/NGOs/SHGs and other organisations to carry out their activities efficiently.

f.      To help various enterprises to identify own problems, work out options for handling with and to develop an action plan for capacity building. This will be done for both the institutional capacity building needs and the capacities required for the sector.

g.     To undertake projects including research & development which would be of great help for the development of the economy.

h.     To carry out conceptual and applied research in fields relevant to the development of industries and organizations of the region and of the management profession and management education.

i.      To organize Entrepreneurship or Management Development Programmes and to provide skill training including Soft Skills and other trainings to the youths of the country in general and the region in particular.

j.      To arrange lectures, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and workshops of state, national and international level in order to have better understanding of relevant issues.

k.     To take up any other innovative initiatives fulfill the objectives of the institute.

l.      To interact with the industries to further the management & technology movement and facilitate the development of the region.

m.    To establish networks with various regional as well as national and international organizations, institutions, colleges and universities in order to facilitate a coordinated effort towards sustainable development of the society.

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