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Social Responsibility in Syllabus:

One of the top priority of Xavier's Foundation, while setting up XIMIT, is to develop socially responsible, competent, ethical business leaders through value based education. As such, XIMIT wishes to see its trainees grow as managers with a sense of social responsibility. In order to imbibe these values among the trainees of the Institute, XIMIT intends to imbibe: Ethical Executive Excellence (E3) - emphasizing on various ways to excel in socially responsive management activities.

Social Responsibility in Practice:

XIMIT belong to the family which runs the mission called: Clothes Bank The Clothes Bank is all about an idea of a systematic and professional way of doing Cloth Charity. It is a collection of old & used up clothes from urban households as well as the well off rural people. Conceived by Xavier's Foundation, it aims at providing clothing to people living in extreme poverty, making no distinction of age, gender, caste, colour or religion, and thereby bringing smiles on thousand disadvantaged faces, which in turn may give immense pleasure to the hearts of the privileged lot.

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