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The Journal invites researchers, academicians, social scientists, professionals, policy makers, practitioners, regulators and students for their useful, informative and thought-provoking contributions in the form of manuscripts, which may include research papers, conceptual papers, technical papers, case studies, literature reviews, general reviews, viewpoints, and short communications. As the journal would be published in English hence the papers must be written in English and in MS Word Document. The contributors can submit the soft copy of their manuscript in the referred submission format in .doc or .docx form (MS Office Word 97-2003 or higher) by hand or by post preferably in a CD to Xavier Institute of Management & Information Technology (XIMIT), Bamunimaidan, Guwahati-21, Assam, India. The manuscript can also be e-mailed to s.a.discourse@ximit.in and ur.ximit@gmail.com. Please mention “Paper for South Asian Discourse” in the subject bar of the e-mail.


The journal would use peer-review for review of the papers, case studies etc. The reviewers and author (s) identities would remain anonymous. The reviewers would be experts from respective fields and for each paper the total number of expert would be three; two reviewers from outside and one internal editor from the journal would be involved in reviewing process of submitted papers, case studies etc.


South Asian Discourse is a peer reviewed international journal that covers the fields of knowledge on social research and focuses on study of social groups and, covers societal issues besides economic, political and cultural aspects. The journal would cover wider spectrum and would not confine to a particular area of research and knowledge. The Scope of the Journal will not be limited to the issues but would concern on unearthing the problem aspects across boundaries and would engage in facilitating of exchange of views beyond borders. The journal would serve as a forum of social scientists, researchers, academicians, professionals, policy makers, practitioners, regulators and students, especially those who share common interests in understanding of various societal problems and can share or express themselves through original articles, review articles, case studies etc.


The journal would be published half-yearly.


An International Journal on Social, Economic, Political & Cultural Aspects

Xavier Institute of Management & Information Technology, Guwahati


The manuscript should be presented in the following way:

• Title
• Name of Author(s)
• Author(s) Institution and Institutional Address
• Author(s) email Address
• Abstract (maximum 300 words)
• Keywords (3-5 Keywords in Alphabetical Order)
• Main Paper (maximum 9 pages)

o Introduction

o Chapters

o Subchapters

o Conclusion

o Bibliography, Acknowledgement, Reference

• Main text separated under appropriate headings and subheadings using the following hierarchy: BOLD CAPS, bold lower case, Plain text, Italics.
• Tables should be in Word format and placed in the main text where the table is first cited.
• Tables must be cited in the main text in numerical order.

Reference examples:

Donato, R. and F. Brooks. 1994. ‘Looking across collaborative tasks: capturing L2 discourse development’. Paper presented at AAAL Conference, Baltimore, Maryland. Lightbown, P. and N. Spada. 1999. How Languages are Learned (Second edition). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Littlejohn, A. 1992. ‘Why are ELT materials the way they are?’. Unpublished PhD thesis, Lancaster University. Nunan, D. 1990. ‘Action research in the language classroom’ in J.C. Richards and D. Nunan (eds.).

Selection of Paper & Publication Process

Upon receipt of paper submission, a confirmation mail to the corresponding author would be sent within 1-3 working days. Failing this confirmation, the submission mail may be missed. Please contact the office in time for that. The paper would be sent for review and may take two to three weeks and if accepted would be intimated. If the paper is not accepted than a detailed mail will be sent from the office of the journal to the contributor for further correction/ modification. The contributor(s) have to pay a processing and publication fee to the Journal Office either through online transactions or by cheque or cash. And after publication of the article, case study etc. the corresponding author(s) will receive a printed and published journal free of charge.
A policy of saying ‘No Tolerance to Plagiarism’ by the publisher and the journal; hence the experts and the reviewers check the plagiarism issue through thorough check of the article and other prevention tool.


  • Dr. K. S. Chakraborty, Regional Director, IGNOU, Salt Lake, Kolkata.
  • Dr. Tridib Chakraborti, (Ex Prof. IIM Calcutta)
  • Dr. Amitava Sarkar, Director, IISWBM, College Square, Kolkata
  • Dr. Tanmoy Datta, (Ex Prof. IIM Calcutta)
  • Dr. Kulendu Pathak, (Former VC, Dibrugarh University)
  • Mr. Pranab Jyoti Neog, Director, St. Xavier’s College, Guwahati
  • Mr. Bijit Debbarma, Director (Academic), XIMIT, Guwahati


The journal would provide following benefits:
• Swift publication: The paper would be available online once it is ready, before the print version appears (review time 3-4 weeks)
• Outstanding standard of editorial
• Free access to online issue for selected papers
• Peer review process is meticulous, speedy and productive
• Right platform for availability to the widest possible audiences for maximum coverage of the contributed and published articles.
• Abstracts and full texts available online to important education and research institutions.