Admission procedure XiMiT advantage


Dual Certifications:

PGDM - as per Industry Requirements

+ MBA - AICTE-DEC-UGC approved

Unique Certifications:

IT Diploma + Business English + Personality Development & Grooming Silver Certification + Foreign Language + International Study Tour


Dual Certifications:


+ Microsoft Certificate

Unique Certifications:

Business English + Personality Development & Grooming Silver Certification + Foreign Language + International Study Tour


Dual Certifications:


+ Diploma in Sales

Unique Certifications:

IT Diploma + Business English

+ Personality Development & Grooming

+ Foreign Language + Study Tour


Dual Certifications:


+ Diploma in Hardware & Networking

Unique Certifications:

Business English + Sales Techniques

+ Personality Development & Grooming

+ Foreign Language + Study Tour

About the Flagship Program:

XIMIT's PGDM : Post Graduate Diploma in Management

The inevitable forces of globalisation drastically alerting the way people live and work, It has become imperative for emerging businesses to conform to the ideas of ‘Thinking Globally and Acting Locally’. The PGDM programme is all about providing budding and potential managers with an understanding of the challenges and complexities of managing projects at an international level and to prepare them for business career with an international dimension.

Thus, this programme aims to give students a broad and practical based understanding of business subjects while allowing for the development of specialised interests and knowledge in terms of practical day-to-day business activities.

The Course aims to produce management scientists with the ability to approach business problems in an analytical and systematic manner, using appropriate technology to provide information support for business decision making. It combines a study of management and computing subjects with the merging of business and decision making processes, and provide students with skills that give them the flexibility to adapt to future development.

The PGDM programme provides students with the opportunity to develop both theoretical understanding and practical skills that can be utilised in building their career in a variety of business management and information technology settings. We place a strong emphasis on student support and participatory teaching and learning activities.


How does this PGDM helps

The PGDM programme opens up newer avenues and provides the modern manager with tools and skills needed to identify new opportunities for organisational success. The broad based understanding of business dynamics gained from the course helps in making the transition from roles hitherto limited by knowledge gained from the primary degree to a management role.

The PGDM programme aims at imparting professional education and training in modern management techniques for handling business operation in a highly dynamic and competitive environment. The programme is intended to have the following objectives –









Developing the ability to recognise and analyse problems.

Developing analytical, problem solving and decision making skills.

Provide insight into the fundamental nature and process of management and human behaviour with the organisation.

Developing the ability to formulate goals and to create commitment to these goals in a given organisation.

Giving an insight into the various organisational problems in the context of changing Technological, Economic, Social and Political Scenario.


XIMIT believes that management education must relate to the real world business environment and be able to contribute to and benefit from it. It helps the students to acquire a holistic approach which, combined with innate ability, will transform them into leaders with vision.

The institutions have extensive and well established links with corporate. In consultation with them, the program is designed to prepare students to assume positions of high responsibility and leadership in the business-oriented, information technology based organisation of the future.

To give an extra edge, the students of XIMIT's PGDM are offered an MBA Degree which is recognised by the Joint Committee of AICTE-DEC-UGC.


Is XIMIT just another B. School?

            : Definitely not. Why it is not just another B. School can be best gauged with the help of the following:


  1. The dual certification programme guarantees student abilities in skills and business practices.

i) XIMITs PGDM         and       ii) UGC recognized MBA

  1. Along with the basic degree, altogether following certifications will be provided which is simply matchless:

    • BASIC Certifications

o    PGDM from XIMIT

o    MBA degree (from UGC recognized university)

    • UNIQUE Certifications

o    IT Diploma (Microsoft).

o    Personality Development & grooming silver/Gold certification from.

o    Business English

o    French Language

o    IT certificate from Microsoft

o    International Study Tour

  1. Small batches. 60 intake is the international standard advocated by major all competent bodies like AICTE, UGC and others, unlike the institutes which offer round the year admission and whose seats are unlimited.

  2. Performance based learning
  3. Modular Course Structure
  4. Modern in house ambiance
  5. Infrastructure:
    • Wi-Fi campus.
    • 3 independent Conference rooms.

    • Well-furnished Auditorium

    • Business library (e-library & manual).

    • Cafeteria.

    • Ideating space (Pool table, chess, carom, Table tennis etc. & student relaxation area).

    • Heart of the City.

  6. Facilities:
    • A unique study environment for students.
    • A curriculum with international standards.

    • Laptop FREE for all students.

    • PGDM + MBA + Unique Certification

    • Placement cell and tie-ups with companies.

    • International Study Tour

  7. Effective teaching by brilliant permanent faculty members along with the highly acclaimed educators drawn from premier institutions like IIMs, IITs and others
  8. Measures that maintain quality training, like:
    • Students give feedback every month about the faculty.
    • Faculty prepares lesson plan & submits to the management by 25th of every month.

    • Students Progress report is sent to their Parents.

    • Mentor Scheme is implemented every Semester to counsel Students.

    • Course Progress is monitored based on Time Table as per Syllabus.

    • Case study, Group discussions & Seminars are conducted regularly.

    • Inter Institutional Management Fest is conducted every year.

    • XIMIT magazine every year.

    • XIMIT Newsletter Vision is released quarterly.

    • XIMIT follows an open door policy where students can contact Directors, HoDs & Faculty members any time.

  9. Unmatched Industry linkage.
  10. Another Reason Why a Student should choose XIMIT can be well understood if a student come and see personally how the institute functions.

Need Analysis:

            In the last decade several new management institutions have come up and many of the existing institutions have introduced Management Education apart from their traditional courses of study. In Guwahati itself, there are quite a lot of management institutions which have been imparting Business Education for the students. Unsurprisingly, someone may ask: was it necessary to have one more B. School? Do we really need any more institutes for this purpose?


The Job-Market:

The precise need of industry in India and abroad can be summed up as under:

  • Large number of junior/middle level managers in Marketing, HR and Finance.

  • Well-groomed, suave professionals with high energy levels, sound sense of judgment and extremely winning communication skill.


Further Scrutiny:

A closer analysis of the demand and supply of this human capital throws up interesting points:

  • Management Education has lost touch with real world needs of industry.

  • Management Education needs to have a very close interaction with the industry for constant up-gradation of perceptions.
  • Industry – Academia interaction with more practical training and exposure.
  • History has established that the core values, human attributes and qualities for success and sustenance have remained over the years, i.e., self belief, perseverance, focus, positive attitude, balanced approach and an undying spirit to succeed.
  • Exposure to high pressure / stress situations and ability to maintain pride.
  • A degree of well-groomed and dashing personality.